Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I don't believe in a normal world

She has been playing in and around some of LA's most important musicians and trend setters for close to ten years, but ask most people who Morgan Nagler is and you will most likely get blank stares. this is a problem. More people should know about Morgan, who goes by the stage name Whispertown (previously known as whispertown 2000, the whispertown 2000 and at one point vagtown). Her relaxed vocals and playful melody's are catchy as anything playing on the radio, and her approach to music as pure as anything on NPR. After experimenting with a variety of line up's Nagler simplified the process and worked with a select few on this album and the selection shines through on the dancy first single Open The Other Eye, with harmony's from the likes of Maria Taylor and Jake Bellows (Neva Dinova) and co produced by Bellows and Andy LeMaster (Bright Eyes).

"So Jake and I went to Athens, Georgia, with bag full of songs and an open mind. I have a psychic connection with Andy" She muses "so we turned the songs into dreams."
not that that is a new thing for her, whispertown has always had a sort of dreamy quality but the difference is this time the dream seems possibly more modern, where as her past work has always seemed to have a sort of honky tonk nostalgia, this album seems to have deluded that quality and added a little more electricity.
"The songs have all come from the same place they always have. I wanted to experiment with removing my jingle jangle acoustic strum that normally serves as the bed, in which the songs lay." Nagler says, and I for one love it.
Whispertown has always been in great company, from her close friendship with Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennet early on to touring frequently with Maria Taylor and/or Taylor's band Azure Ray to signing as the first outside artist on Gillian Welch's Acony records and this album seems to have encapsulated that.
"we really are all one and United" Nagler say's when talking about the new song, and thats what you feel when listening to Open the Other Eye. A sense of community and connection.
Whispertown have two video's in the works and plan to tour a ton behind this release so keep an eye open for them, you need to see this band, you need to hear these songs, Morgan Nagler needs to be known by more people, she deserves to be known by more people.
keep on coming back for more new music.

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