Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Backdoor Preachers


The Backdoor preachers are great old time rock and roll band, reminiscent of 1970's MC5, Iggy pop, or the Rolling Stones. Mike Castellano has been part of the LA and Orange County music scene for over 25 years, most notably playing bass in Hellbound Hayride for over 15 years. Along with Friend and fellow bass player Preston Peck and fellow Hayride guitarist Louis Ramos, the Backdoor Preachers were born out of a desire to just play some good music, the way they wanted to.the band has found a bit of a home down in Long Beach, Ca at Di Piazzas and has played there on decently regular basis, including a few slots with punk legend Mike Watt of the Minute Men and stooges fame. The Backdoor Preachers sound like a rock and roll band playing rock and roll music at a rock and roll bar, and that's just what they are.
the band swings from heavy and hard hitting pre punk sounds of VooDoo Love and Can't Find the Good times all the way to the almost classic country rock sounds of Texas all the way to the ethereal and dark Strange Days Like These. These are simple songs, played by musicians that are anything but simple, the genius guitar playing and slight vocal harmony's push these songs past the simple and nice into the classic and powerful.
For anyone who longs for the days when you could go see a good rock and roll band with out having to pay atleast 30$, this is the band for you.
Backdoor Preachers will be playing at Di Piazzas in Long Beach Sat. Feb. 18th at 10:00pm.
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