Monday, January 30, 2012

Bonnie dune

Bonnie dune is everything you love about southern California. Dreamy pop tunes about the ocean, love, and summer fun. Bonnie dune may seem like an off kilter super group, given that three of the members are all involved in the entertainment business in some way (lead singer Justin Wilczinski is an actor/model, Seth Roberts has seen his fair share of the stage with his bands watashi wa and lakes and on tour with MXPX, and then there is the drummer; some guy from a show called Glee.). But there is a lot more to this band than just fame and stardom. These boys actually know how to write a good pop song. The band's sound floats in and out of pumping dance numbers like the rocking Endless Summer or soaring number Sea Sick and the hushed beauty of songs like Haunting or Better View. The boys in Bonnie dune are currently working on a debut album and the mass army of Bonnie Dune fans wait anxiously. In theory it would Make complete sense that a band, who's major pull is the fame of their drummer would in all actuality be over rated if not down right awful, but thanks to years and years of songwriting and waiting between Roberts and Wylczinski this band is not just tolerable but quit good. So if you have not checked out this pop thunderstorm then you should. Head on over to to check out some tunes and get the latest info and keep following us here at the Independent... For more up and coming music.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Traveling Man

Last time we heard from Luke messimer, the singer songwriter had just broken up his southern California pop rock band Mississippi Man and had begun working on an untitled solo project. Weeks after talking to me, Luke changed directions, the solo project was put on hold and Luke threaded north. "A strong need to get out of all that smog." Luke told me when I emailed him last year about his change. Years before a close friend of his, Josiah Johnson had done the same and had done quite well starting a little band called The Head and The Heart and So Luke did the same, packed up and left for the great Northwest and Seattle's legendary music scene.
Within weeks of arriving Luke began to get sucked up into the musical land scape and quickly began playing a variety of instruments with just as much a variety of Artists. But still Luke wanted to play his songs, his way.
So Months after leaving southern. California Luke returned, as part of the Bryan John Appleby band, the newest singer songwriter to emerge from the great northwest. Upon arriving in LA they met up with the head and the heart, also on tour and spent some
Time together. " they told me that thy
Missed my solo stuff and wished I was still making my own stuff. I took that to heart.".
Luke has yet to return to Seattle since leaving that tour. Being Leon Russell to appleby's Joe Cocker, however great that would have been, was not what Luke had in mind.
For years Luke has used his family's cabin in Northern Arizona as an escape, a place to go and write and rethink things. So as he had done before he settled down in Williams a town his family has been a part of for 90 years and started to do what he loves and what he has wanted to for quite some time, record that solo album.
With a lot arcade fire, M83 and Simon and Garfunkle on the radio. Luke got to work crafting a highly textured sound that floats in and out of arcade fire grandiose and Elliot smith like emotion.
Northern Youth is what Luke is calling this project, and it's his reflections on what he learned in the place he now calls home, Seattle that inspired the name. Reminiscent of the opening scene of Portlandia Luke says "The idea of being an office-job adult doesn't exist there. In Seattle people are doing what they love and being young." Northern youth.
Luke says that no matter where it is he is playing music Seattle will forever be his home. He likes to quote his friends in the head and the heart when dealing with this "your already home where you feel loved."he says. So no matter where it is he travels and no matter who he is playing with Luke messimer knows that he loves the northwest and he loves music. So the traveling man will always have a home.
Northern Youth have a double single out currently that you can find by going to
Northen youth plan to release a full ep by around may and a full length after that.