Friday, December 17, 2010

some more great music for 2010

Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons
Marucs Mumford and his fellow band mates are one of my favorite new bands too come out of the english folk scene which has birthed many great bands in recent years (Noah and the Whale, Johnny Flynn, and Laura Marling to name a few). The band's debut album "Sigh no More" is a great work of modern folk tunes, wreaking of literary prowess and amazing harmonies. the albums name comes from the Shakespearian play "Much Ado About Nothing" quoting lines such as "One foot in the sea and one on shore". Other songs on the album lean heavily on the language and topics of John Steinbeck western america. With a great ear for harmony and an amazing ability to craft songs that are not only accessible but thick with style and technique in a debut album one can only anticipate the years to come from the sons.

Lungs by Florence and the machine
Florence Welch and her band the machine
(taken from Welches Keyboard player Isabella "Machine" Summers make music that is an amazing combination of soul, rock n roll, and pop. With souring vocals and very st
ripped down simple music, each song differs in its attac
k on music weather it's the bluesy big guitar's of "Kiss with a Fist" or the pouding drums of "Dog Days are Over" , Florence comes at music with a prospective rarely found in such a young singer. With a soulful voice and great team of session musicians, Florence an the Machine are an amazing new sound that is a fresh breeze blowing in through music town bring with it the feel of change, a change that really has been needed.

God Willin' and The Creek Don't Rise By Ray laMontagne
LaMontagne's fourth studio Album "God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise" is just the most recent Album of wonderfully soulful Folk music from LaMontagne. His song's rise from start to finish and glide from the speakers incapsulating you in a blanket of warm noise. the album begins with the big, bluesy, and electrified "Repo Man" and ends with soulful blues number "Devils in the Juke Box" . The soft and subtle "Rock n Roll and Radio" is the singers ode to the music that captured his soul and it's long standing absence from the modern media. Songs like "New York city's KIlling me" and The Albums title track both are great additions to already great catalogue of music from the singer. the world can always use another great folk singer and Ray Deffiniatly fits the bill.

Le Noise by Neil Young
One man and One guitar and you got "Le Noise", another amazing album of classic Neil Young Tunes. this time around Neil Young has done two thing that he has always done wonderfully, made an album of electric music and a great solo album. The only difference between this album an his past solo albums and his past electric albums is that this time around he's done both together. The album started as most of his recent albums have, with an acoustic guitar ended by being an album that literally consists of just the man and his guitar. The name of the album is a reference to Daniel Lanois, the albums producer and it is thanks to him that album was recorded the way that it was and it is that that makes this album as important as it is. splitting the guitar tones in half and sending the lower of the signals through one amp and the rest through a second amp the album sounds much larger than one would ever think possible by one man. Neil Young has always pushed the limit of what is possible in the recording studio but with Le Noise he has completely re created himself and made an album that speaks to who that is.

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