Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Luke Messimer to record solo album

Luke Messimer likes music, that's one thing you need to know about the singer/songwriter before anything else, he likes his music. The man has been a fan since he was born and it was a first listen to the blue album by Weezer that hooked him on songwriting and years later it was Luke's love of the White Stripes that would cause him to fall in love with the guitar. And when you hear Luke talk about music, you can tell he cares.
Asking about the state of modern music, where it's going, where it's been, and what is right and wrong with it Luke emediatly knows his answer, cause these are the things that keep him up at night.
"I honestly think music is getting better lately. Maybe not mainstream music. Maybe not what you hear on the radio, but there are some absolutely incredible new bands out there today." Bands like the Band Luke Messimer has been threatening to put together for three years now. Before he joined his last band, Mississippi Man, Luke was at an in between stage, having just broke up The American Gypsy's. His first reaction was to put together a folk rock group that would be more suited to play the songs he heard in his head. Big drums, big harmonies, something different. Instead he joined Mississippi Man and for the last three years it was working. but There was always that sound.
So, about a year ago Luke started Writing and recording demo's of songs that were in no way Mississippi Man songs. the result was originally going to be simply a recording project on the side, but when Mississippi Man decided to part ways Luke knew immediately what was happening next for him.
Luke's plan is it record an album of songs that sound like nothing else. I've heard him compare it to the Gorillaz playing really big versions of Bob Dylan songs, and when asked what the future of music is and who's doing it right Luke always points to "The Arcade Fire", Modern music is a good thing in Luke's eye's "It seems that we're no longer repeating the past. A lot of musicians have finally figured out what music from the "two-thousands" really is." and Luke is one of them.
Luke hits the studio this month, with 12 songs in tow. Plan's are to record a 6 song EP, with Luke playing all the instruments him self, then move to Seattle, put together a backing band and fully integrating him self into the rich musical history of the great north west. Good luck Luke, can't wait to hear the album.

Head on over to!/lukemessimermusic to check out more.
Photo by Benjamin Walter Milczewsky

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