Sunday, March 11, 2012

relocation can be good

"I grew up on Long Island, moved to Florida when I was 16, my parents told me we were going on vacation but we just never came back." That's the way Louis DeFabrizio tells it when talking about his childhood. " I moved (back to New York) to Brooklyn about two years ago.... This new record we just finished making is about starting over. So I guess the move has affected me a little bit" not that any one who has ever heard Gasoline heart would ever want anything about this band to really change all that much, but like the title of the bands last album suggests, Nostalgia Ain't What it Used to be, so change is bound to come. "I think the only thing that has changed, songwriting wise is I am trying to keep it a little bit more simple." He says of the changes that come with new scenery and time. And much like those lyrical changes sometimes it's the simplest of changes that can lead to the greatest of creations.
It was that change of scenery that led to the newest of Gasoline Heart's lines ups and it's a Line up that may be the most special one to date for fans and for DeFabrizio. The guys in Gasoline heart's current line up have only been playing together for a few years as Gasoline heart but have been in and out of each others lives musically and personally for years. "Dave & I used to be roomies years ago in Florida, he really pushed me to start writing songs. He actually started The Kick with me (My old band) Then Squad Five O lost their drummer and they asked him to join and I got ditched. Now its kinda come back full circle, us playing together...and Casey McBride played bass on the record, he used to play in The Kick (as well)... this is the first time recording with Adam & Dave, those guys are a trip." he says of his band mates.
Chemistry is everything and this Line up is chalk full of it. Adam and Dave who first began playing together when they both joined the late Squad Five O in the late nineties have been playing ever since as the duo aptly known as Adam and Dave's bloodline. With all this musical inbreeding and friendship one can only hope to hear what the band has up sleeve for this next release.
The band just finished a new album and are gearing up for shows and the release with art work being worked on at the moment. The "new record was recorded in New York City at a place called Singing Serpent. We did it all live and it sounds pretty bad ass...Got a few slow numbers with some jammy parts. A few 2 minute songs and a few 8 minute songs. Its gonna be wild" he says of the album. Wild happens to be a good term to use when talking about this band. Louis has been very out spoken for his love of "wild" bands like pearl jam and Soul Asylum and much like his heroes, DeFabrizio has also never been afraid to speak his mind and be himself. "Last year I played Cornerstone Christian festival out in Illinois and I got kicked off stage after one song. I said f*#k on the mic and all hell broke loose. That festival is really the only connection we have to the Christian Scene if that even still exists."
That incident made some headlines on a collection of blogs and christian news letters last year but it seems that Gasoline heart could really care less and seem only focused on heading forward."I hope people like [the new record], its very uptempo and straight to the point." and as was sung on the last album, You can't keep a good kid down.
Gasoline Heart are a refreshingly organic and real band in a world of over produced pop hit machines. Here is a song writer who writes from his heart for his own ears and not some one else. with a new album in the works keep coming back for more info on when.
for more info on the band check out!/gasheart

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