Sunday, December 4, 2011

A drop of hope

On wednesday I saw something beautiful, people coming cingular and together to help. Drop in a bucket is an organization that brings hope to people across Sudan and Uganda. In the words of Henry Rollins, the nights host "hope of life." water for the thirsty, drop in the bucket's main goal is wells. In a region where water is scarce the walk to find streams, rivers, or lakes can take hours or days. The problem is one that has recently become more of a trend and has been picking up steam in the quest to help with hundreds of new groups taking up the mission, but before it was popular Henry Rollins was interested, and when John and Stacy Travis first began drop in the bucket he was a fan. On wends day He hosted the biggest fundraiser the originization has ever held. With an
evening of wonderful music and great personality 1500 people came together to help find a way.
The evening began with a small set from boots electric, the dance friendly rock and roll group blew the night open and the night just kept going from there. Mile watt of the legendary minutemen and stooges was joined by punk rock goddess Kira rosseler, to perform as the free jazz experiment known as DOS. Dj craddy and slayer drummer Dave lomordo battled out and finally Corey Taylor of slipknot was joined by Lomordo and a slew of metal gods, Scott Ian of Anthrax, john five of rob Ron zombi , and last but not least Dave Naverro of Janes addiction. Dubbed as Corey Taylor and Friends the group spent the evening covering songs from sabbath and ozzy to the foo fighters. The evening was not only a great night of music but an inspiration. Change is possible and I believe I have seen it. A drop in the bucket, check it out.

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